Received Report: Islamic Republic of Iran and conspiracy against Amin Torabi and Sadr


On March 27, 2012, Shadi Sadr posted this photo on her Facebook page and wrote something under it that took everyone by surprise: Yesterday I realized that Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, does not receive any remuneration for his works. This person really deserves to be respected.

In the last few days, some Persian websites published a news in which the Islamic Republic’s conspiracy against some human rights activists was speculated. It seems that these statements seek to invalidate the questions posed by the Justice for LGBT website and by accusing the website operators of cooperating with the Iranian government.

But why does the Islamic Republic of Iran need to conspire against Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin) and Shadi Sadr? Perhaps those who believe in the role of the Islamic Republic in raising public questions about these two must be made aware of some facts:

  1. The two women have long been trying to destroy other human rights activists. Shadi Sadr herself confessed on Facebook page that she spent most of her time fighting with other human rights activists, rather than defending the rights of individuals inside Iran. It was her who created the famous hashtag of “human rights corruption” to hurt the rest of human rights activists and attack them by using it. The service that this assassination of the characters has done for the Islamic Republic is beyond words.
  2. In recent months, the two have played an active role in attacking the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran Dr. Ahmad Shaheed. The hidden and open charges that these two accused doctor Shaheed of, on all kinds of accounts and issues- from illiteracy to ill-fadedness – even the Islamic Republic and Dr. Larijani could not have done. The plans of these two in past few months has been to discredit Dr Shaheed and his reports on Iran. Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence could not make such a blow to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, even if it spent millions of dollars on it.

3- In the past year, the two have serviced the Islamic Republic in human rights circles and have given the titles of “isms” to clerics of Tehran. When there were talks on Iran’s UPR by the United Nations in October last year, the two presented Farsi and English statements and revealed details about some meetings with of United Nations diplomats, that was not supposed to be published somewhere. Within a few days, Dr. Larijani quoted the reports with interest and accused the United Nations of copying the Iranian opposition.

  1. When the UPR results were released, the two again jumped back in the middle happily and falsely claimed that the Islamic Republic has recognized the rights of LGBT people. This false claim only serviced the Iranian government and took international pressure off of Iran for a while, and had a direct impact on the cases of LGBT asylum seekers whose lives are at risk in Iran.
  2. The meaningless reports of these two, including the Gender X report, only led to the banality of the concept of human rights in Iran. Publish their 90-page report! Introduction, and most of the childhood memories of Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin), to report the human rights abuses of LGBT members has reduced the status of LGBT rights to a ridiculous theme.
  3. The meaningless reports of these two joy, including the X-X Report, only led to the banality of the concept of human rights in Iran. Their report, with a 90-page introduction, and is more like a childhood memoir of Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin), rather than a report on human rights abuses of LGBT members in Iran, reduced the state of LGBT rights to an absurd matter.

So, do these two and their friends still insist that despite all the services of these two to the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Republic is still trying to destroy them?

Justice for LGBT reserves the author’s identity.

Ladies Soheila Amin Torabi (Shadi Amin) and Shadi Sadr can send their response to justice for LGBT.

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