BBC Researcher Has Criminal Record But No Diploma

سهیلا امین ترابی (شادی امین)
Soheila Amintorabi – Shadi Amin

After months of not seeing Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) in respectable Persian media, we have again witnessed her appearance on BBC Persia as a researcher and human rights activist

But why is it that the road has been cleared for Ms. Soheila Amintorabi to step foot into the BBC again? And this is after the recent accusations and questions regarding few financial cases as well as rummers about money laundering and documented cases of verbal, physical, and sexual violations. Why is it that the producer of the BBC corporation doesn’t take care, and lets someone who wears the title of researcher on her forehead (in this case, Shadi Amin, who has not even finished the eight grade of school and dropped out at the age of 14) use it like that just because she likes the title? Is it right to call her a human rights activist simply because she is in disagreement with the Islamic Republic’s regime? Do her few blogs, self-styled awards, one-woman shows, and baseless organizations provide enough reason to invite her (to the BBC) and call her what she was called? What is going on

It has been while since we have heard of the attempts of Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) to create this network of friends and lure some Persian-speaking media towards her in an effort to get a platform and increase her presence in the media. It has even come to the point of migrating to London from Frankfurt and living with Shadi Sadr, who has friends amongst reformist journalists and the BBC

There have been numerous occasions (a few examples of which have been published on the Justice4LGBT website) when Shadi Amin has forced some people, especially queer asylum seekers in Turkey, to be interviewed by her for so called “made up projects” in order to create short-term and personal relationships, and to attract more governmental and private monies (receiving financial help from those who are rich on the pretence of ‘gathering help for asylum seekers’) for her own purposes. Everywhere that she has gone, she introduce herself as a researcher and human rights activist, filmmaker, journalist and advisor to media sources such as the BBC and Manoto TV

Familiarization with these methods with the media only proves Shadi Amin’s greatness is not real, but we should not overlook the fact that in an effort to demonstrate this greatness with different groups, she tries to create evidence for herself by using the media. To achieve this goal against whomever she has had argument with or has committed violence against, she tries to keep a circle of feminist contacts within media outlet such as the BBC for her benefit, and she bribes people (not that she gives the producer directly to be on a show, but in two cases, an editor and a producer from the BBC worked together with Shadi Amin and Shadi Sadr on one of Justice for Iran’s projects). When the result of this project was published, it was only natural for  the editor and producer to propose to the BBC that it feature these women, both to keep their friendship and to use the BBC as a platform for a project they were part of. This is against the BBC policy

One thing that has been missed by the BBC and media actors like it is Shadi Amin obtained credibility from participating in these shows. She interviews people under the name of the BBC, and uses the name of the BBC to carry out her goals, saying, for example, “You did see us in the BBC?! We are famous and well-known people,” to a group of asylum seekers in Turkey. Whatever her job is (from compelling others to join in a meeting, to building private relationships…) she will carry it out. In one case, an asylum seeker attempted suicide (fortunately, sh/he survived). Shadi Amin created relationship with the aforementioned person to make a documentary for the BBC, and suggested that the asylum seekers would not be able to go to Canada unless he/she agreed to take part in the documentary

Obviously, Shadi Amin’s appearance after months of absence, which we heard was because of the exposure of the corruption accusations of her and the groups under her management, will not be without consequences, for which the management of the BBC will be responsible. Management has closed its eyes to her feminist friendships (which breach the principle of neutrality), perhaps because of lack of appropriate men and women to express opposition to the Islamic Republic, so they give the microphone to somebody with a bad reputation, like Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). It is better to not stay silent but to object to Soheila Amintorabi’s deceptive appearances by sending a letter to the BBC

send the letter to ‘safheye 2’, in which Shadi Amin appeared:


The identity of the writer is held by Justice4LGBT

This document is translated by 6Rang volunteers and Justice4LGBT received it by email

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