That Bed with Purple Cover and Coloured Walls

Silhouette of a woman in a hallway

I was hesitant whether or not to write what was bothering me for a long time. A wound was about to open up. The infection was intolerable, yet I did not dare to let the putrefied infection out. I was so hateful toward this infection that I was carrying within me. Similarly, I was terrified of letting the wound open and the pus come out. Perhaps she herself is an embodiment of homophobia, inasmuch as there are many lesbians who have deeply hurt by her

Who have believed if I had spoken out? Every hour of every day I carry a chronic infected wound like a hunch on my back. Every day I am more worn out than the last. I think to myself, how many have seen that bed with a purple cover and colourful walls? For how many, after making love, has she made cafe latte, and has entered to the bedroom from the kitchen with one eye half open singing “love…u?” Evan though she has never known love. to how many has she said “we are the only good ones, none other”? To how many has she said “I am number one”? To how many and in how many ways has she implied that others are no good? She is not a good comedian, She brings tear to people’s eyes

My head becomes heavy when I think of all the contradictions in her. Truly, how many faces and facades does she have? ha

When I read the article in Khodnevis Website, even though I could hear her breathing and was disgusted by and fearful of it, I asked myself with what price did BBC Persian invite her to their programs, and how could those watching inside the country find out the truth? One’s true face cannot be seen on the television screen. I remembered someone who said she was a refugee in Turkey and she had started an intimate relationship with her, and after sleeping with her, she put her aside like a dildo. How many have told me about her bedroom and its details, and must keep their painful silence forever. How many has she fooled with her showmanship on the internet camera and lured into a two way, but temporary, relationship? and who is aware of that hidden camera

To how many has she promised a position, and when their expiration date came about they were tossed onto the forgotten land. Even so, how many moderators are needed for a closed Facebook page

She was supposed to give me consultation, but she slept with me, just like she slept with all of them. She hated gay people and loathed bisexual people. The hero of her bed was always herself

Everything began with trust. Everything begins with trust. Then you realize you were a mere object to her… then denial… then… then threats… then silence… then isolation

The relationship she started with me as a human rights activist for LGBT people was rape. She is raping me emotionally every single day. I think to myself that she only cares about her bank account, and the long list of names with whom she has shared a bed. She hates men but her behaviour and cliches are revolting, chauvinistic and lumpen attitudes. How many people did she belittle and destroy. One day I will speak out. I will stand strong and I will reveal this. I will force her to look at herself


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BBC Researcher Has Criminal Record But No Diploma

سهیلا امین ترابی (شادی امین)
Soheila Amintorabi – Shadi Amin

After months of not seeing Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) in respectable Persian media, we have again witnessed her appearance on BBC Persia as a researcher and human rights activist

But why is it that the road has been cleared for Ms. Soheila Amintorabi to step foot into the BBC again? And this is after the recent accusations and questions regarding few financial cases as well as rummers about money laundering and documented cases of verbal, physical, and sexual violations. Why is it that the producer of the BBC corporation doesn’t take care, and lets someone who wears the title of researcher on her forehead (in this case, Shadi Amin, who has not even finished the eight grade of school and dropped out at the age of 14) use it like that just because she likes the title? Is it right to call her a human rights activist simply because she is in disagreement with the Islamic Republic’s regime? Do her few blogs, self-styled awards, one-woman shows, and baseless organizations provide enough reason to invite her (to the BBC) and call her what she was called? What is going on

It has been while since we have heard of the attempts of Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) to create this network of friends and lure some Persian-speaking media towards her in an effort to get a platform and increase her presence in the media. It has even come to the point of migrating to London from Frankfurt and living with Shadi Sadr, who has friends amongst reformist journalists and the BBC

There have been numerous occasions (a few examples of which have been published on the Justice4LGBT website) when Shadi Amin has forced some people, especially queer asylum seekers in Turkey, to be interviewed by her for so called “made up projects” in order to create short-term and personal relationships, and to attract more governmental and private monies (receiving financial help from those who are rich on the pretence of ‘gathering help for asylum seekers’) for her own purposes. Everywhere that she has gone, she introduce herself as a researcher and human rights activist, filmmaker, journalist and advisor to media sources such as the BBC and Manoto TV

Familiarization with these methods with the media only proves Shadi Amin’s greatness is not real, but we should not overlook the fact that in an effort to demonstrate this greatness with different groups, she tries to create evidence for herself by using the media. To achieve this goal against whomever she has had argument with or has committed violence against, she tries to keep a circle of feminist contacts within media outlet such as the BBC for her benefit, and she bribes people (not that she gives the producer directly to be on a show, but in two cases, an editor and a producer from the BBC worked together with Shadi Amin and Shadi Sadr on one of Justice for Iran’s projects). When the result of this project was published, it was only natural for  the editor and producer to propose to the BBC that it feature these women, both to keep their friendship and to use the BBC as a platform for a project they were part of. This is against the BBC policy

One thing that has been missed by the BBC and media actors like it is Shadi Amin obtained credibility from participating in these shows. She interviews people under the name of the BBC, and uses the name of the BBC to carry out her goals, saying, for example, “You did see us in the BBC?! We are famous and well-known people,” to a group of asylum seekers in Turkey. Whatever her job is (from compelling others to join in a meeting, to building private relationships…) she will carry it out. In one case, an asylum seeker attempted suicide (fortunately, sh/he survived). Shadi Amin created relationship with the aforementioned person to make a documentary for the BBC, and suggested that the asylum seekers would not be able to go to Canada unless he/she agreed to take part in the documentary

Obviously, Shadi Amin’s appearance after months of absence, which we heard was because of the exposure of the corruption accusations of her and the groups under her management, will not be without consequences, for which the management of the BBC will be responsible. Management has closed its eyes to her feminist friendships (which breach the principle of neutrality), perhaps because of lack of appropriate men and women to express opposition to the Islamic Republic, so they give the microphone to somebody with a bad reputation, like Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). It is better to not stay silent but to object to Soheila Amintorabi’s deceptive appearances by sending a letter to the BBC

send the letter to ‘safheye 2’, in which Shadi Amin appeared:


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Received Report: Like under the Threat, It is a…

I never wanted to talk about this matter or it is better to say that I was threatened to not tell anyone because in that case I should see in my dreams to leave Turkey. But I do not have fear now since in a few days I will leave Turkey to a safe country and he/she cannot bother me and put me to sleep with tearful eyes.

First everything was beautiful. Being a woman and having rights was pretty. Being lesbian was pretty. Participating at pride and marching there was pretty. The thought of ending patriarchy was beautiful and was not a dream anymore. But all these pretty things did not last long for more than a few months. Everything was broken and fear replaced all of them.

I was asked to go to Istanbul from my small refugee city to participate at the first Iranian prides in Turkey which I later found out was a lie. My partner and I were happy that we could believe that we are not in Iran anymore and were not being controlled by family and social clichés. Therefore, we decided to go to Istanbul. I wish we had not gone and had stayed in our loneliness and had not become slaves for a year.

During pride, we were asked to participate in a video interview. We were so excited and happy and proud that we did not have to fear being lesbian and we are doing an important thing for our rights. We were invited to his/her hotel room for the interview. There was a camera at a corner of the room and they tricked us to have interview without hiding our faces. Unfortunately, we agreed. We were given some papers to sign. Those documents were in English and we were told that because everything they did was legal, we had to sign those documents. We were not given any other explanations.

Details about our lives were asked, even the most private parts of our lives, our sexual relationships, the number of sexual partners we’d had, our preferences and roles in the bedroom with all details for making it a subject for the bedroom. It was not the end. The. Interviewee wanted to put words in our mouths. Questions were leading –  this thing that you said, you mean this right?. And when I would say no, and explained what I meant again, we would be told that this was what he/she said. You grew up in Iran and do not have vision. You grow up in Iran and were not open. What you say means this. Say what I said. I did it once but it did not feel good. I did not want to continue but all those kindnesses were replaced with force and order. I was forced to continue. I felt so bad. The interviewee would say do not waste our time! You signed papers! We paid your trip costs to Istanbul! If you do not continue, it would be a breach of contract and it is a crime.

My partner was sitting quietly. She found out that she should not talk because it is not a normal situation. Every once a while she would hold my cold hands and I could read her eyes that was telling me to tolerate it, it will end like all of our other difficulties in Iran. But it lasted for a year. That group controlled us even when they were not there. There was an unwritten rule that we had to “Like” all their “Facebook posts” otherwise we were traitors. We had fear that our secrets would become public if we do not “like”.

We liked but we did not like those posts. We were seeing other people’s likes and we were wondering whether they had to “like” them like us? We were not interested to stay in their circle of friends but if we did not show that we were their friends and adored them, our refugee applications could be targeted and a part of my interview where I had mentioned that I had sexual relationship with a guy for one time, could be sent to the UN while I had told the UN that I never had.


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Received Report: Islamic Republic of Iran and conspiracy against…

On March 27, 2012, Shadi Sadr posted this photo on her Facebook page and wrote something under it that took everyone by surprise: Yesterday I realized that Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, does not receive any remuneration for his works. This person really deserves to be respected.

In the last few days, some Persian websites published a news in which the Islamic Republic’s conspiracy against some human rights activists was speculated. It seems that these statements seek to invalidate the questions posed by the Justice for LGBT website and by accusing the website operators of cooperating with the Iranian government.

But why does the Islamic Republic of Iran need to conspire against Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin) and Shadi Sadr? Perhaps those who believe in the role of the Islamic Republic in raising public questions about these two must be made aware of some facts:

  1. The two women have long been trying to destroy other human rights activists. Shadi Sadr herself confessed on Facebook page that she spent most of her time fighting with other human rights activists, rather than defending the rights of individuals inside Iran. It was her who created the famous hashtag of “human rights corruption” to hurt the rest of human rights activists and attack them by using it. The service that this assassination of the characters has done for the Islamic Republic is beyond words.
  2. In recent months, the two have played an active role in attacking the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran Dr. Ahmad Shaheed. The hidden and open charges that these two accused doctor Shaheed of, on all kinds of accounts and issues- from illiteracy to ill-fadedness – even the Islamic Republic and Dr. Larijani could not have done. The plans of these two in past few months has been to discredit Dr Shaheed and his reports on Iran. Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence could not make such a blow to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, even if it spent millions of dollars on it.

3- In the past year, the two have serviced the Islamic Republic in human rights circles and have given the titles of “isms” to clerics of Tehran. When there were talks on Iran’s UPR by the United Nations in October last year, the two presented Farsi and English statements and revealed details about some meetings with of United Nations diplomats, that was not supposed to be published somewhere. Within a few days, Dr. Larijani quoted the reports with interest and accused the United Nations of copying the Iranian opposition.

  1. When the UPR results were released, the two again jumped back in the middle happily and falsely claimed that the Islamic Republic has recognized the rights of LGBT people. This false claim only serviced the Iranian government and took international pressure off of Iran for a while, and had a direct impact on the cases of LGBT asylum seekers whose lives are at risk in Iran.
  2. The meaningless reports of these two, including the Gender X report, only led to the banality of the concept of human rights in Iran. Publish their 90-page report! Introduction, and most of the childhood memories of Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin), to report the human rights abuses of LGBT members has reduced the status of LGBT rights to a ridiculous theme.
  3. The meaningless reports of these two joy, including the X-X Report, only led to the banality of the concept of human rights in Iran. Their report, with a 90-page introduction, and is more like a childhood memoir of Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi (formerly Shadi Amin), rather than a report on human rights abuses of LGBT members in Iran, reduced the state of LGBT rights to an absurd matter.

So, do these two and their friends still insist that despite all the services of these two to the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Republic is still trying to destroy them?

Justice for LGBT reserves the author’s identity.

Ladies Soheila Amin Torabi (Shadi Amin) and Shadi Sadr can send their response to justice for LGBT.

Four Companies and One Director: Ms. Amin Answer

گزارش اشتباه شش‌رنگ

After publishing the stories about Ms. Soheila AminTorabi (Shadi Amin) in the UK we decided to take a look at these companies and their activities.

According to the UK company database Ms. Soheila Amin Torabi has four companies in the UK: 6rang, Justice for Iran, Justice for Everyone, Justice in Action. First of all Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) is a resident of Germany and why all these companies were not registered in Germany? This is how we understand the importance of Shadi Sadr and Soheila Amintorabi’s cooperation since she is based in the UK. But the important point is the process of adding and  removing of directors that we take a look at here:


As you can see in the image, 6rang Ltd has been registered in May 20, 2014 and there is no report on its revenue.

Directors of this company were 3 individuals at the beginning: Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany, Journalist, Ms. Aida Amir Fallah, 37, Iran, Student, and Ms. Mehrnoosh Ahmadi, 29, Iran and student. However, according to Mehrnoosh Ahmadi’s facebook she is a resident of Toronto, Canada and her residency was not correct in here. According to the above image, Ms. Mehrnoosh Ahmadi and Ms. Aida Amir Fallah have resigned from their positions on September 22, 2014 and therefore 6rang has only one director and member and that is Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). There is no board of directors as there is no report on financial and management.

Justice for Iran

According to the above image, Justice for Iran Ltd has been registered on October 31, 2012 and there is no revenue and the net worth is only 1 GBP.

At the beginning the only director of this company was Ms. Shadi Sadr and after 14 days, Ms. Soheila Amintorabi was added as a director. Therefore, directors were Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany, Jeournalist and Shadi Sadr, 35, Lawyer, Iran. However, according to Shadi Sadr Facebook page, she is a resident of London, UK and the residency is not accurate in the records. According to above image, in March 5, 2013 Ms. Shadi Sadr resigned from her position and Ms. Soheila Amintorabi is the only director.

It should be mentioned that Ms. Shadi Sadr is still being introduced as one of directors of Justice for Iran in BBC Persian and Voice of America while she has no legal status there. It is important to check these facts with BBC and VOA to see what would their responses be.

Justice for Everyone

According to the above image, Justice for Everyone LLP was registered on July 19, 2012 and the revenue was zero.

The directors of this company were two people from the beginning: Ms. Soheila Amintorabi, 51, Germany and Ms. Shadi Sadr, 40, no country of residency. It should be mentioned that Shadi Sadr’s date of birth is different from her birthday in the records of Justice for Iran. Here she was born in September 1974 and in Justice for Iran she was born in September 1979.

Justice in Action

According to the above image, Justice in Action Ltd was registered on February 8, 2013 and its revenue was reported as 237,862 GBP which is about 400,000 dollars while its net worth is only 1 GBP.

First of all, the only director of this company was Ms. Shadi Sadr (September 1979) from February 8, 2013 to February 19, 2013. Then Shadi Sadr (September 1974) became the director from February 19, 2013 to August 17, 2013 and then she resigned and as of August 17, 2013 the only director of this company is Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin). The revenue was reported as 237,862 GBP which is about 400,000 dollars while there is no mention of this company in international human rights fields or even you can find anything online.

After taking a look at these companies, we see that all of them are in the UK and it is possible that they have other companies in other countries too and it is not known to the public, yet we can have some questions.

A Few Questions:

  • If we say the goals of these companies are non-profit (which they should have been registered as non-profit) and these directors are the board members and their responsibilities are to oversee the activities and confirm the financial statement, still we will have a lot of problems. No one board members can or should be part of executive team because in that situation he/she cannot oversee his/her own activities. Therefore, is Ms. Shadi Amin a board member of these companies that she has the authority to oversee the activities of the directors and staff or she is a director and staff?
  • Why in all companies except Justice for Everyone, all directors resigned and only Ms. Sohelia Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) remains as a director while she always announces that she has a team and every decision is being as part of the team?
  • Why there is no annual financial statement like all credible organization available for public?
  • Why Justice for Action that has $400,000 budget has no website and there is noting available on internet and no report on it?
  • Why 6rang and Justice for Iran that are very active have no budget?
  • Why there are always announcement about joint actions between 6rang and Justice for Iran while these two companies belong to same person and there are no other members? Is this like my left hand is helping my right hand or they consider the public stupid?
  • Why does Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) keep accusing other organizations for not having financial transparency while she does not have it herself?

Either Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) has no idea about the legal procedures of managing organizations and companies and social activities and therefore these are her honest mistake due to their lack of information.

Or she is aware of these changes and wrong information was provided to the UK government to hide any track for the revenue agencies and tax department.

Finally, We request that Ms. Soheila Amintorabi (Shadi Amin) and Ms. Shadi Sadr answer these question and clarify everything. Justice for LGBT is willing to expand the level of transparency in the LGBT Human Rights filed and we would like to publish the responses of these two individuals.

Sh. Kh.

July 2015